Andrew Martensson

Traveling from Sweden where I was born, emigrating to the USA at the tender age of seven, was quite an experience.  The stewardesses took some particular note of me, and indulged me in American things.  I remember particularly peanut better and bananas, heretofore unknown treats.

Gorwing u pin the Boston area of the USA, led me gradually in school to the sciences and, with the intention of teaching mathematics, entered college.  After two years, it became necessary to leave, my time with restrictions and ideals being over.  Boston became a learning ground, but not the kind you might imagine.  Being low income led me to the company of many a poor soul, and instilled in me an appreciation for God.  Or rather, led me to God and an appreciation of Him.  The rest of my life has given me an unique relationship with Him.

 At a certain point in time, I was recommedned to try my hand at art.  so I took a few classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and other classes.  In time, i became pretty good at some things, marker drawings being among them.  And a lot of self instruction.  I truly love art, and at the moment am branching out to different medias, including watercolor abstracts.