Laura Wilhelm

I am the co-founder and President of Collaborative Artworks, my joy and passion! Although I do enjoy solitude...there is only so much that one can take before one's work becomes myopic.

I enjoy the strength of the quiet collective creative energy when everyone is at work - involved - tapping whatever moves them to make art.

That's what makes me tick.

I have struggled with major, and at times, debilitating illness throughout the earlier part of my adult life, which has played a large part in creating me.  I can enjoy my successes but have a watchful eye on the past, steadfast in remembering where I've been.

My mother tells a story...I think these were the beginnings of my career as an artist:

"I had painted the girls' room, I think it was 3 coats....then I put Laurie in the had been some time...maybe two hours and I hadn't heard a peep, so I opened the door and found Laurie with her box of crayons...she had crayoned the entire wall!! AHHHH!! I simply closed the door again and went into the kitchen so I wouldn't do anything I would regret."

My entire family has creative juices flowing almost constantly.  My mother is a pianist and directs her own non-profit SCFPA (Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts) in the Tucson area; My father comes from a long line of photographers and excels in the art of financial management (treasurer for  SCFPA); My sister, Denyse Wilhelm has two master's degrees one from RISD and the other BU and is well-established painter; my brother, Greg, is multi-talented in music, martial arts, and sales.

  Thus my nurturing was established!

I have my Bachelor's of Liberal Arts from Harvard University in art history and psychology.  My Master's in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in expressive therapies from Cambridge College and I currently work as a crisis clinician at Boston Medical Center as well.